Posted by Larry Newcomb on 21st August 2012 in NEWCOMB GUITAR METHOD

 Guitar Mastery: Simplicity and Repetition

Published at: 05:02 pm – Tuesday February 21 2012

In my experience, Guitar Mastery comes as a result of Simplicity & Repetition:

Focusing on small manageable bit of musical information – such as a two-bar phrase – and playing it at a slow tempo and in time; with a clear view of the strings and the     fingering involved; and with good & comfortable technique … then repeating that “musical cell” many times.  I find it very helpful at the same time to visualize the chords on which the “cell” is based on the fingerboard.


After many repetitions, execution of the phrase or fragment becomes “second nature” or what I call “owning it.”  To relieve monotony, try playing the phrase at positions     I thru XII up and down the neck and on as many “string groups” as possible.  For instance, if the phrase takes 3 adjacent strings to play, you can play it on strings 1-3; 2-4, 3-5, and 4-6.  After a while, when repetition and relaxation come together, good tone begins to emanate along with a feeling of confidence and accomplishment.


Practicing in this way day after day builds excellent technique and is very enjoyable.


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