4-Star Review for LIVE Intentionally!

Dec 2015 DOWNBEAT:

Selected as one of DOWNBEAT’s Best of New Albums of 2015

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Larry Newcomb Quartet

with Dmitri Kolesnik, bass; Eric Olsen, piano and Jimmy Madison, drums


“Everyone involved makes the familiar sound brand new. That’s especially true of the leader with this fluid attack and varied phrasing.” Newcomb’s intention to record live… for maximum spontaneity in real time. He’s succeeded.”

Jon Garelick (DOWNBEAT)





“Newcomb plays warm-toned liquid mellow guitar. There’s plenty of technique there – he is, after all, a respected teacher as well as a performer. He tells us the Quartet is striving for “joy and beauty” and sure enough that aim is achieved through keeping the melody up front and underpinning it with sensitive touch from bass and drums. There are times, such as in Carmichael’s slow Stardust, when piano and guitar converse easily like old friends while drums and bass make gentle suggestions. It’s six-minutes plus of sheer relaxation before the Quartet goes out. For a final thought, a fine and melodious session with exceptional piano.”

Anthony Troon (JAZZ JOURNAL/Record Reviews)





“Obviously an accomplished player, hats off to Larry for giving a different sound to the standards.  Newcomb’s   original tunes have a familiar sound — from the bluesy “Sure Thing” to “Instant Water” which sounds like a standard. Eric Olsen needs to be credited — his chordal re-harmonizations behind Larry are effective, particularly the introduction to “Stardust” and “All the Things You Are.”  Wonderfully supported by Dmitri Kolesnik on bass and Jimmy Madison on drums, this is a good project with excellent sound quality.”

Darren Dutson Bromley (JUST JAZZ GUITAR)


Downbeat 1-Pager