Bucky Pizzarelli (Legendary Jazz Guitarist) “Larry is a master guitarist–and a life-long student & teacher of the instrument.”




Jon Garelick (DOWNBEAT) “Everyone involved makes the familiar sound brand new. That’s especially true of the leader with this fluid attack and varied phrasing.” Newcomb’s intention to record live… for maximum spontaneity in real time. He’s succeeded.”



Grady Tate (Legendary Jazz Drummer and Vocalist) “I took a huge risk in making a phrasing suggestion to a man with as exceptionally beautiful a guitar tone and facility as yours.”




Reuben Wilson (Legendary Hammond B3 Organist with Blue Note and Records, and organist on “Nothing But the Heart”) “Your Nothing But the Heart” CD is great. Your guitar solo on “All I Gotta Do” reminds me of Carlos Santana.”




Randy Johnston (Jazz Guitarist, Recording Artist, & Educator) “Larry Newcomb is a fine musician with inspiration, dedication, and self-discipline. He draws from a well-developed set of guitarist’s tools. Look for much great music to flow from his instrument.”




Joe Giglio (Jazz Guitarist and Educator) “A fine jazz guitarist, Larry Newcomb plays with vision and passion. His outstanding quality as a human being shines through in his music.”




Peter Arnold (Manhattan Jazz Guitarist) “Larry Newcomb is one of the best all-around jazz guitarists performing today. He obviously has worked hard at achieving the best sound possible on an amplified instrument, and this enhances everything he plays whether blues, bossa nova, or mainstream/bebop. Larry, in performance, projects an unselfconscious ease in everything he plays. He clearly has the skill to play anything he wants, but he never puts his skill on display as an end in itself; his skill is always at the service of heartfelt music. His performances are well-paced, and he has a knack for choosing the best-suited material for the groups he leads. His sets are dependably varied; and, the group dynamics mesh nicely. Larry’s tone is in the Grant Green / Peter Bernstein vein — very up-front and easy to relate to.”





Larry Newcomb Trio “Cliffhanger”

featuring Dmitri Kolesnik on Bass, Mike Camoia on Tenor Sax and Larry on Guitar.


on “CLIFFHANGER” by Larry Newcomb

Here I am, eating crow, and looking forward to a dish of humble pie for dessert.  I am listening to a new session by my friend, the guitarist Larry Newcomb, and eating a very large plate of crow.  I was wrong; the guitar-tenor combination can be a wonderful one, in the right hands.  If anything, the instrumentation is even sparer than most of the guitar-tenor quartets since Larry’s group is a trio, co-starring tenor Saxophonist Mike Camoia and bassist Dmitri Kolesnik.  There’s no drummer, but you wouldn’t notice it (honestly, the first time I played the CD through it never even occurred to me that there was no drummer).   Keeping any kind of a tempo without a drummer is difficult, actually swinging without one is close to impossible… click here to read the full review