“This is a cavalcade of chops on another order… wondrous investment in the notes played…not speed,    not angularity, not washed-out orchestrations; but, a perfection in choosing the exact right fret along  with perfect inflection imbued with a genuine love for music and the guitar.                                              Larry Newcomb, in other words, was born for this.”

MARK S. TUCKER–Provocateur ISSUE 1,303, JUNE 2017


Living Tribute Press Release & Reviews



“LIVE Intentionally! A truly excellent album. I have been enjoying the journey through its LIVE-ly landscapes from first note to last.  The conversations between these four musicians are deep, full and sensitive.  Can tell they are well-traveled together.  Loose and natural, heartfelt playing throughout, with the touch and tone of Larry’s that through all these years has always captured my heart and attention.”  

JADE Mc ALOON–Virtuoso Acoustic Guitarist, NOVEMBER 2015


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H.U. G. S. (Holiday Unaccompanied Guitar Solos)


 Swing to Bop (with Bucky Pizzarelli and Dmitri Kolesnik (DVD)

 Nothing But the Heart

 Jonaitis and Newcomb