My private lessons have been insightful and comprehensive.

Larry has patiently helped me to shape a strong understanding of guitar and music in general. I honestly can't imagine a better teacher.

 Alvaro Atienza Student, Oberlin College, School of Music



Larry Newcomb, Ph.D.
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Dr. Newcomb's article in JUST JAZZ GUITAR magazine:

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by Larry Newcomb Jazz & Blues Duo include:

Larry Newcomb, Guitar & Presentation

Joe Vincent Tranchina, Keyboard


The Width & Depth of the Jazz Repertoire (Abridged for 3/24 RCLS Showcase)Representative Examples:Girl from Ipanema, How High the Moon, Just Friends, All the Things You Are, Texas Swing Blues


What Makes it Jazz? Fundamental Parameters & Techniques


Jazz for KidsThe Fun & “How-To” of Improvisation


The Music of Cole PorterRepresentative Examples:Night & Day, You’d Be So Nice, What is This Thing Called Love, Easy to Love, Love For Sale


The Music of Antonio Carlos JobimRepresentative Examples:Triste, Desfinado, How Insensitive, One Note Samba, Once I Loved


Jazz on BroadwayRepresentative Examples:How High the Moon, All the Things You Are, There Will Never Be, My Favorite Things


‘Nothing But the BluesRepresentative Examples:BB King, Eric Clapton, Miles Davis, Wes Montgomery, Freddie King


A Tribute to Jim Hall and Bill EvansRepresentative Examples:Funny Valentine, Darn that Dream, I Hear a Rhapsody, I’ve Got You Under My Skin




My name is Arne Mattsson and I'm a student of Dr. Larry Newcomb:

Five years ago I became the third grade teacher at Our Lady of Pompeii School in the West Village of Manhattan. I was 52 years old, a retired NYC firefighter, and had been laid off at St. Peter's Boys High School in Staten Island. I noticed that on Wednesdays some children were carrying guitars to school. I asked and they said guitar lessons were given in the school. I took a leap of faith and said to myself , "One of the reasons I've been sent here is to finally learn how to play the guitar". As an athlete , parent , and coach , I had never taken the time to take the first step. I introduced myself to Dr. Larry Newcomb, offered my classroom as his and signed up with the other students in his Beginner Class. I was now the student again and sat with my 100 dollar guitar learning how to play twinkle twinkle, read music, and tune a guitar. I continually made mistakes , learned how to get over them, and improved , thanks to the teaching of Dr. Newcomb. Before long , he had me experimenting with writing my own songs, and learning chords. Sharing my progress with my "classmates" was a thrill, and having my first recital was unforgettable. All at the age of fifty-two!! Now I treat a guitar like I used to treat a baseball glove, try it out, treat it with care, and let it show others how it brings me joy to use it confidently. For this, I have my teacher, Dr Larry Newcomb to thank. I have been learning guitar and musical theory from him for five years and now teach some of my third graders what he has taught me. If learning guitar is a dream for you or a loved one. Treat yourself or your loved one to lessons with Dr. Newcomb. My experience was and continues to be, rewarding and life-changing."




My name is Scott Evans and I'm a student of Dr. Larry Newcomb:

Dr Newcomb has taught me over the past two years. He provides sound fundamentals with an amazing mix of music history and style. I highly recommend him"




My name is Jeremy Hollembeak and I'm a student of Dr. Larry Newcomb:

Larry was the perfect guitar guru for me. I have a busy "day job" and Larry was flexible and enthusiastic over the course of three years' worth of lessons. More importantly, he is a master of not only the guitar itself, but songwriting and music history as well. Our lessons included instruction ranging across multiple genres and focused on whatever I was trying to improve upon at the time, from lead technique, to song structure, and even constructive critiques of my songwriting. His instruction and encouragement kept me feeling like a real musician even when I often was not able to practice a lot between lessons. I strongly encourage anyone interested in improving any aspect of their guitar playing life to take lessons from Larry."




My name is Dr. Richard Miller, Professor of Music, Columbia University

Larry is a very fine player and has the patience and gentleness of a great teacher."



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