"Guitarist LARRY NEWCOMB has issued LIVING TRIBUTE [Essential Messenger Records EM22017] with his Quartet [Leigh Jonaitis-vocal 2 tracks, Eric Olsen-p, Dmitri Kolesnik-b, Jimmy Madision-drm] and featuring Bucky Pizzarelli [gtr] on 7 of the 11 tracks...  The program is made up of 7 Newcomb originals and 4 standards. Newcomb’s originals tend to fall into funky, waltz or Latin vein and are notable for style.”  Robert D. Rusch, Cadence Magazine July 2017


"The whole album is superb, especially the cover of "I Remember You!

Awesome job Larry!"  Robert Steven Silverstein, Founder www.MWE.3


“Living Tribute is a beautiful, serene, engaging album . . .

Make that ‘Loving Tribute’."

Deep Roots Magazine



“He [Larry] is a complete master of his instrument, and the result is an album that is incredibly easy to listen to.”

Kev Rowland -- 2017-06-08 Jazz Archives


“As one of Larry’s jazz guitar pals Gene Bertoncini, says, ‘Larry’s melodic lines are strong and on the money!”… you won’t have any quibble with that assessment when you listen to one of the funkiest guitar-led tracks I’ve heard (yet) in 2017, “Gold Top” (it’s only 3:20, but it kookz)!”

Rotcod Zzaj Aka Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews -July 8, 2017 http://contemporaryfusionreviews.com/thelarrynewcombquartet-legendary-jazz-guitar-larry-newcomb-quartet-featuring-bucky-pizzarelli-living-tribute/


“ This is a cavalcade of chops on another order.. . . wondrous investment in the notes played…not speed, not angularity, not washed-out orchestrations but a perfection in choosing the exact right fret along with perfect inflection imbued with a genuine love for music and the guitar. Larry Newcomb, in other words, was born for this.”

Mark S. Tucker, -- Provocateur, Hector, Meta-anarchist, ISSUE 1,303 JUNE 2017


“Lively, jumping hard charging stuff that reminds you why you dug jazz in the first place.  Well done.  Very much a classic, straight ahead swinging date, Newcomb has the nimbleness to keep things fresh and modern throughout.”

Chris Spector, Editor and Publisher, MidWest Record



“This is a jewel of a recording of swinging, guitar jazz.”

Jazz & Blues Report, July-August 2017 (Issue 373)


“Another of Larry’s own compositions, Band of Brothers, is dedicated to Larry’s three sons, and is a joyful and charmingly intricate track with guitar and piano complementing each other.”

Tim Rolfe, Sandy Brown Jazz, UK



“Larry Newcomb shows a lot of generosity on this beautiful album that melts in the ears like good cream.”  François Becquart



“Newcomb captivates with his beautiful tone, single note lines and carefully placed chords with his swinging backing band . . .” -- Jazz & Blues Report, July-August 2017 (Issue 373)


“I give Larry and his fellow players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.98 for this beautiful set.”

Rotcod Zzaj Aka Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews -July 8, 2017 http://contemporaryfusionreviews.com/thelarrynewcombquartet-legendary-jazz-guitar-larry-newcomb-quartet-featuring-bucky-pizzarelli-living-tribute/







 “SUPERB performance.  Artistry, musicality and technical polish – all at the highest level”

David Z. Kushner, Ph.D.  Doctoral Chair, Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Florida






“Nice recording. Keep swinging!” -- Jack Wilkins, Jazz Guitarist



"At last, a guitarist who dazzles with his subtlety - not how many notes ha can fit into a bar".

Chris Harrison, Vocalist (quoted by Toni Basanta, DJ Host of The Cuban Bridge on the radio)



“[Larry] means every note he plays”. -- Gene Bertoncini, Jazz Guitarist



“Larry’s melodic lines are strong and on the money!” -- Gene Bertoncini, Jazz Guitarist










The album title, by the way, refers not to a club date, but to Newcomb’s intention to record live in the studio, without the “safety net” of overdubs, for maximum spontaneity in real time. He’s succeeded.

Jon Garelick, Downbeat, December 2015 Four-Star Review



“Everyone involved makes the familiar sound brand new.  That’s especially true of the leader with this fluid attack and varied phrasing.

Jon Garelick, Downbeat, January 2016 Selected One of Best New Albums of 2015




Will Friedwald, The Wall Street Journal


“The rhythm team is flexible and in the pocket throughout, contributing to an impressive and hip recording.  Not too noisy, not too boisterous, but still able to deftly swing”

George W. Harris, JazzWeekly --



“Larry Newcomb’s quartet is, as they say, “in the pocket.  We need more records like this.”  George Fendel,  JSO Jazz Scene --



“Obviously an accomplished player, hats off to Larry for giving a different sound to the standards.  Newcomb’s original tunes have a familiar sound — from the bluesy “Sure Thing” to “Instant Water” which sounds like a standard. Eric Olsen needs to be credited — his chordal re-harmonizations behind Larry are effective, particularly the introduction to “Stardust” and “All the Things You Are.”  Wonderfully supported by Dmitri Kolesnik on bass and Jimmy Madison on drums, this is a good project with excellent sound quality.”

Darren Dutson Bromley (JUST JAZZ GUITAR)


“Larry utilizes a wide variety of textures under the larger umbrella of ‘jazz guitar.’

Larry Newcomb lives intentionally through music.”

Carol Banks Weber, AXS Contributor


“Newcomb plays warm-toned liquid mellow guitar. There’s plenty of technique there – he is,     after all, a respected teacher as well as a performer. He tells us the Quartet is striving for “joy and beauty” and sure enough that aim is achieved through keeping the melody up front and underpinning it with sensitive touch from bass and drums. There are times, such as in Carmichael’s slow Stardust, when piano and guitar converse easily like old friends while drums and bass make gentle suggestions. It’s six-minutes plus of sheer relaxation before the Quartet goes out. For a final thought, a fine and melodious session with exceptional piano.”

Anthony Troon (JAZZ JOURNAL/Record Reviews)


“Well done.  Quite the snazzy offering throughout!”                                                             Chris Spector, MidWest Record



“The original material is so strong that it fits right in with classics by Kern and Hammerstein, Rodgers and Hart, and even Charlie Parker.  There is a great rhythm to the album, and even the solos flow organically from the main structure.   This music just makes me feel good.” -- Michael Doherty, Michael’s Music Blog http://michaelsmusiclog.blogspot.com/2015/07/larry-newcomb-quartet-live.html


Larry Newcomb’s track SURE THING from LIVE Intentionally! is included on:

BEST OF BRAZIL–For Information on the best of Brazilian music



The original compositions rival the standards rendered by this savvy, inventive group. Newcomb’s arrangements color every track with a depth of jazz harmonies and progressions that sometimes surprise, but always delight. The band’s solid, sophisticated musicality is all there and more impressive, considering that the album was recorded in a studio, but essentially, intentionally LIVE! and without the mixing magic that studios can do.”

New Yorker (Amazon Reviewer)







“LIVE Intentionally! is a new release that introduces a rising star in the world of jazz guitar. His name is Dr. Larry Newcomb. “

David Z. Kushner, Ph.D.  Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Florida


“Bravissimo to Larry Newcomb and the musicians in his ensemble. They are truly artists”.

David Z. Kushner, Ph.D.  Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Florida


“It is in this set, in particular, that the individual Newcombers reveal their acute sense of style, form, and cohesion.”

David Z. Kushner, Ph.D.  Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Florida


“The joy of the performers is visceral.”

David Z. Kushner, Ph.D.  Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Florida


“The superbly executed lyrical quality of “Stardust,” in which the piano shines luminously, and the buoyant jocosity of the closing piece, in which the bass solo is notable, serve to cement a feeling of satisfaction that grows exponentially from the beginning of this album to its conclusion.                                       ‘

David Z. Kushner, Ph.D.  Professor Emeritus of Music, University of Florida







“Larry is a master guitarist–and a life-long student and teacher of the instrument.”

Bucky Pizzarelli (Legendary Jazz Guitarist)


“I took a huge risk in making a phrasing suggestion to a man with as exceptionally beautiful a guitar tone and facility as yours.”

Grady Tate, Legendary Jazz Drummer and Vocalist


“Larry Newcomb is a fine musician with inspiration, dedication, and self-discipline. He draws from a well-developed set of guitarist’s tools. Look for much great music to flow from his instrument.”

Randy Johnston, Jazz Guitarist, Recording Artist, & Educator


“A fine jazz guitarist, Larry Newcomb plays with vision and passion. His outstanding quality as a human being shines through in his music.”

Joe Giglio,  NYC Jazz Guitarist and Educator


“Larry Newcomb is one of the best all-around jazz guitarists performing today. He obviously has worked hard at achieving the best sound possible on an amplified instrument, and this enhances everything he plays whether blues, bossa nova, or mainstream/bebop. Larry, in performance, projects an unselfconscious ease in everything he plays. He clearly has the skill to play anything he wants, but he never puts his skill on display as an end in itself; his skill is always at the service of heartfelt music. His performances are well-paced, and he has a knack for choosing the best-suited material for the groups he leads. His sets are dependably varied; and, the group dynamics mesh nicely. Larry’s tone is in the Grant Green / Peter Bernstein vein — very up-front and easy to relate to.”

Peter Arnold, NYC  Jazz Guitarist








“Newcomb, Camoia and Kolesnik swing as if they never got the memo that a jazz combo has to have piano and drums, at the very least.”

Will Friedwald, New York Sun


“Larry’s solo playing is sensitive but not sentimental, he keeps emotions flowing without letting the tune lag or trail off into meaninglessness.”

Will Friedwald, New York Sun

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