Dr. Newcomb maintains a digital project studio for the students of the Larry Newcomb Guitar Method and for project pre-production.

Equipment includes:

MacBook Pro, MOTU Traveler Digital Interface, Logic Pro 9, JBL Micro Monitors & Sub-woofer, CAD Equitek E-100 Condenser Mic, Shure SM-58 Dynamic Mic & Many Vintage Fender, Music Man, Polytone and AER amps

‚Äč Recording the demo for my musical in Larry Newcomb's studio was intense and great fun. He's got the perfect temperament to keep me and my musicians calm and focused, and the perfect ear to keep the recording on track (pun intended). In fact, I can't wait to get back into his studio.


Doug Brandt, Composer

Larry Newcomb, Ph.D.
(917) 623-2095


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