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LIVE Intentionally!

in Dec 2015 DOWNBEAT:

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Larry Newcomb Trio "Cliffhanger"

featuring Dmitri Kolesnik on Bass, Mike Camoia on Tenor Sax and Larry on Guitar.



on "CLIFFHANGER" by Larry Newcomb

Here I am, eating crow, and looking forward to a dish of humble pie for dessert.  I am listening to a new session by my friend, the guitarist Larry Newcomb, and eating a very large plate of crow.  I was wrong; the guitar-tenor combination can be a wonderful one, in the right hands.  If anything, the instrumentation is even sparer than most of the guitar-tenor quartets since Larry's group is a trio, co-starring tenor Saxophonist Mike Camoia and bassist Dmitri Kolesnik.  There's no drummer, but you wouldn't notice it (honestly, the first time I played the CD through it never even occurred to me that there was no drummer).   Keeping any kind of a tempo without a drummer is difficult, actually swinging without one is close to impossible... click here to read the full review

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