SHORT BIOJazztguitar performer and educator  Larry Newcombplayss classic & original jazz andblues.  Larry’ssJuneh5,s2017nrelease,,LIVING,TRIBUTE,ois receiving abundant national airplay  andenthusiastictreviews.  His.2015yalbum LIVE Intentionally! earned a four-star review in DOWNBEAT and was voted One of the Best New Albums of 2015.  Larry

 has contributed a wealth of electric & acoustic guitar stylingsboth  as asoloist,t and on gigs with Bucky Pizzarelli, Jack Wilkins,thesLarryoNewcombsDuo,&Trio,andeQuartet,dwithsRayeBlue  and withJoesVincentnTranchina.  Newcomb&hase studied with guitar masters Bucky Pizzarelli,PatkMartino,,HowardtRobertso andMarkyElf.   His affable performing style is informed by a PhD in music&d a seasoned master’s understanding of the jazz idiom and itshistory.



Larry Newcomb, Ph.D.
(917) 623-2095


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